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A kit to make homemade clay pigeons

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Master Srl – Torino (Italy) presents WHEE, the brand new, eco friendly and smart kit, designed and realized by its research and development team, that will allow anybody to create their own ecological clay pigeons in just two easy steps.

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Kit WHEE - water gypsum and sand |

The raw materials used are water, gypsum and sand, natural inert products of unlimited availability at very low cost.

Gypsum is a natural material known and used by man for thousands of years.

Gypsum stone is a calcium sulphate mineral that is heated up in a conventional oven to remove water molecules. It is then reduced to powder and conveniantely packed for subsequent uses.

Mixing it again with water it will fast reharden, forming a compact crystalline compound.

Kit WHEE by Master Srl Torino (Italy) |

PATENTED – Made in Italy

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Demonstrative video

Watch the video to find out how simple it is to create ecological shooting targets without the need for machinery or electricity, using only water, gypsum and sand.

Kit WHEE by Master Srl Torino (Italy) |
Kit WHEE by Master Srl Torino (Italy) |

The Kit consists of:

  • 20  SEBS elastomer manual molds for ISSF standard plate diameter 110 × 25 mm
  • 1 silicone bowl
  • 1 ladle
  • 1 electronic scale
  • 1 dynamometer for targets breaking-test
  • 1 digital meter for humidity test
  • 1 painting clamp
  • 1 disc mixer
  • instructions

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